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What Do We Offer?

Taking a step back and finding a place for yourself in the modern world is key to personal happiness. At Live Off Grid, we aim to help you on your journey. No jargon, just you finding your own piece of nature. Our converted shipping containers are designed to give you a space to unwind from mundanity and embrace the day. 


The Off Grid concept is a simple one. We help create a multi-use, sustainably sourced space for people to escape the harshness of today’s world.


Get a visual representation of what our world class design team can do for you. Browse our gallery of videos and get inspired.


The design behind our work is just as important as the concept. Natural, sustainable materials meet intelligent and innovative solutions.

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    Uses of Converted Shipping Containers

    The joy of living Off Grid is that it’s flexible. Our converted shipping containers are bespoke to you. Here are just a few examples of what we can do if you need inspiration.

    Holiday Homes


    Temporary Housing

    Why Choose Us?

    The petty pressures of modern life have led more people than ever to long to escape, to get Off Grid. The Live Off Grid team work to provide affordable ways to get away from all that and get back to nature. We believe in creating a better, healthier, more sustainable society. 


    We put our all into every unit we design, striving to give you everything you’ll need to Live Off Grid comfortably and self-sufficiently.

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