Live Off Grid

Providing alternative lifestyle solutions to make it easier to live a life connected to nature.


Choose the life you want to live. Don’t feel restricted by the confines of current mainstream housing options. Re-evaluate, simplify and regenerate in your very own Off Grid home.


Escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and enjoy the luxury of nature. Unwind, reset and recharge through an Off Grid stay that is built to naturally improve your wellbeing.


Become part of the Off Grid movement and invest in a sustainable and renewable housing option. You’ll be investing in a regenerative economy that is shaping the future of living.

Alternate Lifestyle Solutions

Your home should be your personal sanctuary. It recharges you spiritually, emotionally and physically. With it becoming increasingly difficult to fully rejuvenate in many modern residencies in the routine of work and connecting, we’ve proudly built our supply chain around bringing you the comfort and access to sustainable off grid living you’ve been waiting for.

Live Off Grid is about more than just providing homes; its purpose is providing alternative lifestyle solutions to facilitate off grid living.

This includes everything from tiny homes and converted shipping containers designed to give you a space to unwind, to the best and most sustainable ancillary items for your off grid lifestyle.

Shipping Container Homes

Strip away the complications and live as your nature intended, freely, openly and with our new range of shipping container homes that are built with eco-friendly, industry leading comfort, anywhere you desire. Find the right tiny house or container home you need and apply now.

Stay Simply

Escape from the pressures of everyday life and hit the reset button. Give yourself the chance to re-connect with both nature and yourself with a short-term stay in one of our wellbeing focused sustainable homes. Truly unwind and feel the positive effects of staying Off Grid.

Tiny Houses

Invest Now

The current socio-economic climate, paired with the shift in culture and perspective opens an Off Grid opportunity that has never been more relevant. Become part of a sustainable market that is quickly becoming adopted by people from all walks of life across the globe.

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