Shipping Container Pool

The life of luxury isn’t as far out of reach as you might think with a shipping container pool.

What is a Shipping Container Pool?

For many people across the UK, lounging by the pool on a hot day is a level of luxury reserved only for summer holidays. 

High costs have historically led Brits to leave this much-loved feature for trips abroad. Live Off Grid’s shipping container swimming pools show that you don’t need millions in the bank to enjoy a holiday poolside experience.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Pool

A shipping container pool is your opportunity to add an extra slice of luxury and relaxation to your little corner of the world. 


A shipping container swimming pool can have more uses than you might imagine. 

Not only is it excellent for an outdoor space to relax and exercise in the warmer months, you can also have your container pool indoors if you wish to access it all year round, regardless of the weather.

Personal Space

With your dream shipping container swimming pool you can escape the mundanity and stress of everyday life and relax in your own private paradise. 

You won’t need to share the pool with people swimming too fast or too slow, or people floating when you’re doing laps. You can do whatever you like with your pool.


Live off Grid’s shipping container swimming pools are designed around you; whether you want an elegant decking accompaniment, or a stylish glass window for underwater swimming. 

Impress your neighbours and friends alike with a sleek, contemporary pool made from shipping containers, created however you want it.

Types of Shipping Container Pools

Shipping Container Endless Pool

Endless Pool
Indoor Pool

Shipping Container Indoor Pool

Install a Shipping Container Pool in Ground

Ground Pool

Shipping Container Pools Ideas

Your shipping container swimming pool is just that, yours. You can do whatever you like, the options are endless.

Personal Use

The most common usage for a shipping container swimming pool is for personal leisure. You can place your pool either in your garden so you can soak up the summer sun, or indoors if you want to get your laps in all year round.

Personal Use

Physiotherapy & Injury Rehab

The benefits of a shipping container swimming pool are not just limited to leisure. A pool can also be used to promote muscle relaxation, increase ease of joint motion, and reduce pain. A perfect accompaniment if you own a physiotherapy business.


For those out of the box thinkers and entrepreneurs, a shipping container swimming pool affords the opportunity of entertaining children across the country, in all sorts of locations with aquatic mermaid shows.

Pool Entertainment
Get your dream pool for less

Why a Shipping Container Pool is Perfect

Owning your own pool is, for many, a dream scenario. Fantasies of sitting by the side of your own pool, sipping a cool drink on a warm summer’s day aren’t uncommon. 

But life is full of obstacles, and the average starting price for an outdoor swimming pool in the UK is around £25,000. 

For many, that could be just too high an expense to make when compared to other potentially more pressing needs. 

Live Off Grid’s shipping container swimming pools represent a significant saving on the average price. This means that if you’ve always wanted your own aquatic paradise, it could be more affordable than you might think.

Exercise isn't reserved for your local gym

Work out in the Water

Many people weighing up fitting a pool will think of using it in the summer on a hot day, having a drink and relaxing. But something often overlooked is the immediate health benefits a pool can have. 

Many experts consider swimming to be one of the best exercises you can do. The resistance the water gives forces your body to use nearly all of its muscles, making for an efficient and fun workout.

Swimming can also boost endurance, strength and cardio, as well as helping to maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

You don't have to leave your pool when you move

Take Your Pool With You

Around 100,000 people move house every month in the UK. Moving house can be an exciting new chapter in a person’s life, a chance to start again. But what if you’ve just installed a new pool? You can’t take it with you. But at least it will boost your house price, right? Surprisingly, in the UK a swimming pool is very unlikely to increase a house price anywhere close to the expense it costs to build. 

So you want a pool but don’t want to lose out if you have to move, what are your options? Well, the beauty of a Live Off Grid shipping container swimming pool is that, thanks to their sturdy design, you can take your pool with you.

Why wait for your dream pool?

Don't Delay Your Dip

The beauty of a shipping container pool is in the convenience. In most cases an above ground pool would not need planning permission, it doesn’t require months of construction and building work in your garden. 


Pool installation can take anywhere from three months to a year. A shipping container pool on the other hand only takes 8-10 weeks from starting the build to ready to swim.

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Explore More Uses

Holiday Home

Everybody needs a chance to get away after a long year. Skip the stress and high costs of finding a holiday home by getting a shipping container holiday home.


A shipping container restaurant is a cost effective alternative for the restaurant business. Head in an exciting new direction. The world is your oyster. 

Temporary Housing

A UK wide housing crisis has led to more people than ever needing temporary housing. A converted shipping container can be the perfect solution.


Do shipping container homes need planning permission?

One of the biggest positives of a shipping container swimming pool is just how convenient they are. In most cases, an above ground pool will need planning permission, and it would require months of installation and uprooting of your property. A container pool does not need planning permission, and installation from start to the first swim is between 8-10 weeks.

Can you build your own shipping container home?

In comparison to a conventional pool, construction of a shipping container swimming pool is relatively simple. However, it is not recommended that you undertake it alone, and speaking to an expert is always advised in order to avoid any mistakes that could cost you a lot of money, and also potentially damage your property if you are not careful.

How deep can a shipping container pool be?

Most containers are built to a standard size. This means that your shipping container swimming pool will, in a vast majority of cases, be at most around 9ft deep. This makes it a perfect size for relaxation, swimming laps, and socialising, but perhaps not such a good choice if you want a diving pool.

Lengthwise, standard containers are around 20ft, but let us know if you need more or less space, and we’ll accommodate where possible.

How long will shipping container homes last?

Shipping containers are designed to maximise both strength and durability faced with the harshest climates the world can offer. Shipping container swimming pools have the exact same design considerations. The container itself should be able to easily withstand the regular day-to-day use of a family, and should be able to last for decades.

Should you ever wish to move homes and take your pool with you, a shipping container pool may even be able to be transported if the situation allows it.