Shipping Container Restaurant

Discover the exciting ways a shipping container restaurant can shape the future of your business.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Restaurant

Shipping container restaurants are a growing trend in the industry. A more cost effective option than traditional property, their ease to repurpose and modify, combined with their sleek and stylish design make them a great option for restaurateurs. 

Many successful hospitality businesses are switching to the shipping container restaurant model due to their unmatched flexibility and their sustainability.

Attract their eye and their business

What Makes Shipping Container Restaurants the Right Fit

Shipping container restaurants offer a unique proposition. Eye-catching in design, easily modifiable, and extremely strong, repurposed containers are an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional bricks and mortar. 

They represent a particularly attractive opportunity for eco-conscious — and often independent — restaurateurs looking for a sustainable, economically viable solution to the problem of high rents and limited space in city centres.

Whatever you dream up can be done

Tailored to Your Vision

Passing ‘the eye test’ is a huge part of a business’s early struggle. Making a restaurant attractive to the eye while maintaining a guarantee of quality service can be difficult, especially if your building allows for little in the way of customisation or artistry. 

One of the most attractive parts of a shipping container restaurant is the outside. Made from sturdy steel, they are easily painted or covered in vinyl wraps, allowing you to have fun with the exterior of your business. You can create a unique and exciting exterior that can impress customers and boost business. 

Your brand, your rules.

Go with the flow

Mobilise Your Brand

With the restaurant industry experiencing constantly spiraling costs, many startups and existing businesses are turning to repurposed shipping containers as a sustainable, cost effective way to launch a brand. 

The purpose of a shipping container is to be transported across the world, in harsh climates while protecting the contents. 

This means that this trendy, unique business opportunity can be transported virtually anywhere. As long as you have permission, your vision can be located wherever the customers are. 

Flexible and fast to produce

Convenience in a Container

If you have a great idea for a new business, looking for the right property and getting it ready to launch can take months. Months where a rival could jump in and take your niche before you can even get started. Our upcycled containers can be ready for service in 8-10 weeks, ready for you to do your magic. 

They also make for a remarkably flexible use of space. You can use your shipping container for whatever suits you best in the moment. You can pair a small indoor dining area with a larger outdoor space without needing to invest in expanding your business. More space can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

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Explore More Uses


Shipping container cafes are a booming, trendy industry. It’s an opportunity to save money and boost your brand’s identity.


A shipping container bar is the ability to take control of the hospitality industry back from corporations and landlords.


If you’re looking to escape the rat race and return to nature, our shipping container homes are the perfect place to do it.


How much does it cost to build a shipping container restaurant?

Please contact us at [email protected] with your desired specifications for a quote.

How to make a shipping container restaurant?

The unique environment of a restaurant makes the process of building a shipping container restaurant very complicated, Live Off Grid’s world class team are experienced in delivering a world class service. We will take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements, before getting to work and making your dreams a reality.

How big is a shipping container restaurant?

The standard size for our shipping container restaurants is 20ft, but many of our clients wish for a larger space to work with to allow for indoor dining or a larger kitchen. This is why we offer any size you like. Flexibility is at the core of Live Off Grid and we always aim to help you fulfill your vision.