Container Conversion Services

Living Off Grid is an ever-growing mindset in the UK and around the world. Its aim is to get away from the stresses and social pressure we face on a daily basis.

Living Off Grid isn’t just something for the weekends, it’s a top to bottom cultural shift, helping you turn from a worker bee into the ruler of your own domain. Our specialist container conversion service can help you do just that.


Being Off Grid means freedom. It means returning to nature, cleansing yourself from the toxicity of the world. 

Off Grid originates from the act of disconnecting yourself from the electrical grid, or getting ‘off grid’, to escape the mundanity and stress of life. It’s a constantly evolving concept though, unique to everybody. If you want a wifi connection it’s yours, if you want a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, it’s yours. 

Live Off Grid is about you finding your own brand of escapism, however you want it.


Take a look at some visual representations of what our container conversion services team can do for you and get inspired. 

Pull back the curtain and take a glimpse into your more sustainable, natural, healthier future.


The team at Live Off Grid have a passion for creating bespoke, beautiful corners of the world. A place away from the negativity that can come with modern life to relax and be at one with nature. 

The design behind our work is focused on helping you to calm your mind and reconnect with yourself. 

Elegant design meets the beauty of nature.

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