Invest Off Grid

The Off Grid market is exploding all across the globe. People are tired of an over-inflated housing market and want a simplistic option to escape to. Invest in an Off Grid home to be part of the new wave of housing that is totally sustainable, both physically and financially.

A New Perspective

People all over the world are increasingly feeling the heavy burden of relentless energy and property bills. Invest in a transparent and authentic Off Grid house to be able to offer a hassle-free and accessible new home solution for the future.

Galaxy Container Homes

Open up possibilities with our 20ft & 40ft shipping container homes built for your comfort, anywhere.

Make That Change

In a time where house builders are consumed by greed and are providing poorly built, generic homes to make a quick profit, you can be the difference. Invest in Off Grid to be part of a new generation – a sustainably-minded, ethically conscious and well-being focused home provider that puts the resident first.

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