Shipping Container Social Spaces

Support a community and help people in need with a shipping container social space.

What is a Shipping Container Social Space?

A shipping container social space is an opportunity for an organisation such as a mindfulness charity, a local community, or council to provide a portable, convenient space for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company, get help and support, and have a safe space to be. 

Live Off Grid’s shipping container social spaces provide an affordable, transportable, sustainable alternative to more traditional community areas.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Social Space

Due to its size, convenience, and security, a shipping container social space is an ideal space for you to allow people to see each other, and engage on a personal level.

Cost Effective

In the last few years, council budgets across the country have been squeezed tight. Where once a dedicated community centre could be built to support the locals, alternative options must now be considered. 

A shipping container social space is a cost-effective way for a council to support people in their communities.



The purpose of a shipping container social space might be to improve social interactions, but we understand that needs can differ. 

Our converted shipping containers can be used for private conversation and counselling, with no fears of unwanted interruptions or anybody overhearing.


One of the great beauties of a shipping container social space is that it is portable. 

You can easily transport it from community to community, and event to event; providing you with complete flexibility and convenience to provide your service however you see fit, wherever you see fit.

Types of Shipping Container Social Spaces

Community Centre


Pop-up Library

Charity Project Space

Shipping Container Social Spaces Ideas

Local Authority

A shipping container social space can be used by councils as an affordable space with unlimited potential for any function. Some common uses by councils have been a pop-up library space, as well as storage for community activities.

Charitable Organisation

Charitable Organisation

Due to the extreme cost-effectiveness of a shipping container social space, many charities look to it to save money when compared to more traditional structures. It can be used as an ideal space for a food bank, or as a hub for charity members to meet, store their equipment, and have a cuppa.


The needs of schools are constantly changing, so too are their budgets. The flexibility and interchangeability of shipping containers mean they can be used to serve multiple needs; from a temporary outdoor classroom space, to a uniform bank and after school club. Support local children without having to break the bank.

Take your space wherever it is needed most

Why a Shipping Container Social Space is perfect

Creating a shipping container with the ultimate goal of supporting communities and vulnerable people in the UK means that eventually, you may need to move, to offer your assistance to other people who might need you. 

For a conventional, brick and mortar space this would lead to obvious complications, people would be required to travel to you. A shipping container social space would allow you to instead take your space to them! 

Live off Grid’s shipping container social spaces represent an opportunity for you to help people who need it, without the limitations that more conventional resources bring.

Your space can be suited to your needs

Adapt to your needs

While shipping containers may have been conceived as a rigid solution for the storage and transportation of cargo, creative types have broken the mould. Nowadays you can use a shipping container for pretty much anything! 

From a library to a community space, a food bank and for events, a shipping container social space is versatile and can be utilised for whatever you need. Intelligent storage solutions and creative furniture options are there so you can maximise your space, allowing you to use it for various activities without wasting too much time re-configuring.

A social space that won't harm the planet

Environmentally Friendly

When creating a social space, it may be pertinent for you to consider the environmental impact you could have. A shipping container social space will be produced using mostly sustainably sourced materials chosen to complement the space, while limiting the impact on the planet. 

With environmentally friendly options such as sustainable energy sources, insulation, and more; increase your positive impact on a community, while decreasing your negative impact on the wider world around you.

Build a sense of community within a space

Help People

Humanity has always lived in groups. This communal way of life has huge benefits to our mental health and can give us an excellent support system if needed. 

Increased privacy and reliance on technology for social interaction has seen people isolated from their communities. Many built up areas are not fortunate enough to have a dedicated space for them nearby, with the focus instead being on adding as much living space as possible in order to increase profits. 

A shipping container social space affords people who need a place to talk to go, speak to somebody who is there to truly listen, to take their minds off the stresses and pressures of modern living. 

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Explore More Uses

Temporary Housing

A UK-wide housing crisis has led to more people than ever needing temporary housing. A converted shipping container can be the perfect solution.


A shipping container cafe can be the ideal, cost-effective way to help feed people in need in your community. All you need is the space and a can-do attitude. 


The squeeze on council budgets in the last few years means that the affordability and versatility of a shipping container office has never been more attractive.


How much room do shipping container social spaces need?

The beauty of a shipping container social space is that, essentially, you only need as much space as the container itself will take up. As long as you have room for the container, and have surrounding space for installation, your social space should be installed without a hitch.

Do shipping container social spaces get damp?

Shipping containers when built are fitted with a specially designed air vent to allow air to circulate out, while ensuring no water gets in, this ensures that your social space should not get damp. However, it is important that you not store wet/damp materials inside the container, as condensation could cause excess dampness.

Will my shipping container social space come furnished?

Of course! Live Off Grid’s sister company LOFT provides all of our furniture, and each piece will be specially chosen to suit your exact needs and specifications. Factors like cost, sustainability, and the surroundings will be taken into account to ensure you get the perfect space possible.