Get a first-person view of how we can make your unique space to disconnect from the world and discover your true potential. Our bespoke shipping container conversions are designed and built with great care to be perfect for you.

Home From Home

Finding your place in the world is something people can spend their entire lives longing for. A place to sit on a warm summer evening with your loved ones and take in the beauty of the natural world around you, to find somewhere you belong. 

At Live Off Grid we want to help you find your paradise. We want to give you a slice of home, with all the comforts included, wherever you want it. 

Maximise Space

Creating beautiful spaces using refurbished storage containers comes with obvious challenges. Maximising functionality while maintaining space being chief among them.

To get around this issue, our design team has to come up with intelligent solutions. We provide everything you need for modern living, but hide it away ready for when you need it. This gives you the space to calm your mind and body and truly disconnect. 

Our bespoke shipping container conversions offer a life with space and total freedom to do with it what you will.

Natural Light

People today are becoming more and more aware of the importance sunlight can have on their mood. Days in front of screens with blinds drawn see a huge decrease in productivity and mental well-being. Now more than ever, humans can see how much they need natural light. 

We create comfortable places, deeply connected to the warmth of the outdoors by maximising the availability of natural light. Through sleek windows, glass doors, and sky-lights we create spaces to not only improve access, but complement the wonder natural light can bring. 


For thousands of years, people have strived for independence, a way to take full autonomy of their own lives. Live Off Grid provides a solution. 

Our bespoke shipping container conversions are totally portable. Don’t like the view? Move it. Is the sun not quite right? Move it. You can take your slice of luxury wherever you want. Freedom doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. 

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The Live Off Grid concept is to create beautiful, totally self-sufficient spaces out of reconditioned shipping containers. The core goal is to give people the perfect space to be at one with nature, to disconnect and discover.


At Live Off Grid, we create ways for humans to reconnect with nature. We do this by maximising natural light and coming up with intelligent storage solutions, allowing you to connect with self discovery comfortably and conveniently.