Tiny Houses on Wheels FAQs

How can I finance my Tiny House?

Yes, personal loans are absolutely possible, but you won’t be able to get a mortgage. We’ve made our Tiny Homes as affordable as possible in the hope that it helps buyer’s minimise their lending needs.

How can I move my Tiny House (does it come with a trailer)?

Yes! Our houses are fully transportable and come with a trailer which complies with UK road standards – they’re perfectly legal to move around the country. The Tiny Homes themselves are also within DVLA standards.

Can my tiny house be Off Grid?

Of course! With 1000w solar panels, enough to keep a tiny house going comfortably in the UK throughout the year with a battery storage pack.
Also included are 200L of clean water tanks, 100L grey water tank (from the sink & shower water), and a 100L black water tank (from the toilet).
Please note that this is fairly minimal for living completely Off Grid and you may need to explore extra water storage & recycling options).

Can I buy your Tiny Houses from overseas?

Yes we ship internationally, please get in touch with your requirements.

What are the maximum dimensions you can build to?

All of our Tiny Home dimensions are listed on the individual pages, but if you have custom requirements, please get in touch – we can cater to any size you need!

Can I book a viewing?

Our showroom is coming soon so stay tuned!

What are the lead times?

In general, it takes around 16 weeks to build and ship your home.

When a customer chooses one of our builds, we take 40% of the money to purchase these beginning materials and we book them their build slot. In general, we say it takes 4 week for all the base materials to arrive. That’s the frame, the trailer and beginning materials.

Next, we start the build on the date and ask for the next 40% which will cover the next set of materials from flooring, kitchen/bathroom units etc. From the build date we say approx 4 weeks to completion. However, this is a predicted date and we could possibly be an extra week to 10 days. At the end we take the final 20%.

Is it Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely, we’ve designed and built in a way that ensures comfort and warmth for occupants, whilst saving money on bills and being able to take pride in the fact that your living in a sustainable way.
Through the use of high quality PIR insulation panels, provision of solar panels as standard and sustainably sourced materials, our tiny homes use as little as 20-30% of a standard home.

Will I like living in a Tiny House?

Everyone is different, but with the opportunity to reduce bills and to live a more minimal life, more connected with nature, for many this will bring increased happiness.

What is the weight of a Tiny House?

This depends on which model you chose, but including contents and solar panels, you’re looking at 3000-5000kg.

Do we build custom Tiny Houses?

Yes we do – if you’re interested please get in touch with either a list of your requirements or drawings if they’re available.

Where can I put my Tiny House?

If you or your friends or family have land within the curtilage of their home that you’d like to place you tiny home then you may not need planning.
Other options include making agreements with local farmers who may be able to put homes on their land that are deemed necessary in the operation of the farm.
Of course another option is to buy a piece of land and to gain planning permission for your tiny house.

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