Shipping Container Temporary Housing

Our upcycled shipping containers represent a cost effective, sustainable way to help those in need.

What is Shipping Container Temporary Housing?

Shipping container temporary housing offers portable, versatile living spaces for those in desperate need of security and shelter. With social housing shortages and the ballooning cost of living, more people are heading towards homelessness. It’s clear that drastic action is desperately needed. 

Live Off Grid’s repurposed containers represent an innovative stride towards the ideal of a society that provides comfortable housing for everyone. 

Characteristics of Shipping Container Temporary Housing

Every man, woman, and child in the UK deserves a roof over their head, away from the elements. With permanent living spaces hard to come by, the best option for many local councils and charities is to supply people with affordable, sturdy and fashionable temporary housing made from shipping containers.


In recent years, council budgets have been stretched to breaking point. Mounting costs and rising homelessness has led them to thinking outside of the box in the pursuit of new affordable housing solutions. 

Live Off Grid’s temporary housing can be quickly erected to suit demand, at a fraction of the expense of traditional building methods.

Our shipping container temporary housing is a cost-effective way for councils to put a sturdy roof over the heads of some of society’s most vulnerable people.


It’s important to shoot down misconceptions about what temporary housing can achieve. The chances are, when you hear the words ‘shipping container’, you won’t picture tranquil, fully-furnished homes with separate bedrooms and ample living space.

And yet, that’s exactly how Live Off Grid’s imaginatively repurposed containers are being used to shelter at-risk families and individuals. 

‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough for us. Our living modules provide a warm, comfortable environment for those most in need.


Everybody deserves to enjoy a life of dignity, along with a private space they can happily call their own. To all intents and purposes, Live Off Grid’s shipping container temporary housing is every bit as self-contained and secure as the average house. 

Residents who might have previously experienced uncertainty — even threat — can relax in the knowledge that they’ve finally found their safe space.  

Our housing modules are carefully designed to provide accommodation that gives a welcome sense of security.

Why Shipping Container Temporary Housing is Ideal

Save space and money without sacrifiing quality

The importance of a safe home, away from the dangers that lie outside cannot be understated for many of the UK’s most vulnerable. 

The UK is suffering from a shortage in places for people to live, and finances are constantly taking a hit. This leaves many people without options but to turn to their local council for help. 

Councils frequently put those who are struggling into unfit temporary housing and leave them there for long periods of time because they are unable to move them somewhere more appropriate. 

Sturdy, affordable and creative shipping container temporary housing is the best option to make these temporary situations more comfortable and more enjoyable. 

A Flexible Solution

Our temporary homes are designed to last, wherever you want

Live Off Grid’s temporary housing has great potential. If you commission a village of brick-and-mortar temporary homes, you are limited in what can be done if the area ever becomes unsuitable. You would likely need to demolish them and start again in an entirely new location. 

Our upcycled shipping containers are designed from the ground up to be easy to relocate, and to embrace the free movement lifestyle. If you have a pressing requirement for temporary housing, we can get them to where they’re needed within 8-10 weeks so they can have an immediate impact in your community. 

Defying Preconceptions

Temporary housing done the right way

Many reports have been released about people being ‘trapped’ in cramped, under-equipped temporary housing. Live Off Grid’s shipping container temporary housing offers unique, space saving solutions and allows for luxury without breaking the bank. 

People need a roof over their head. They need warmth and a bed, but if you can save some money and give them the best environment imaginable to get back on their feet, why wouldn’t you?

At the Heart of the Community

Save spaces to be, not just to live

A community isn’t truly a community without its people. Many areas of Britain struggle to give people, particularly children, a safe space to be. Gangs and drug activity can run rampant on tough, cold streets across the UK, and many younger people are finding themselves drawn into a world where they witness things they should never be exposed to. 

An alternative to using shipping containers as temporary housing can be to utilise them as makeshift community centres, trauma centres, or safe spaces in the community. Places where people can go to know they’re safe, able to talk freely and receive support from within the community.

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Explore More Uses


When is a house a home? When it has you in it! Our shipping container homes are the perfect space to unwind and relax after a tough day.


Our shipping container cafes allow for business owners to fulfill their vision without constraints.

Our shipping container cafes allow for business owners to fulfill their vision without constraints.


Need a place to park your car or work on some projects? Look no further than a refurbished shipping container.


How to make temporary houses from shipping containers?

Creating shipping container temporary housing can be a very complicated process. At Live Off Grid, we have a world class team in-house who can design and build the ideal space for you.

How big can shipping container temporary housing be?

Our best selling size of shipping container for temporary housing is 20ft. If you would prefer a larger size we can accommodate that. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Do you need planning permission for shipping container temporary housing?

Under United Kingdom rules, shipping containers are classed as temporary structures, making them exempt from needing planning permission. There may, however, be special conditions in your location so always check before placing an order.