Shipping Container Garage

Looking for a place to park your car that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? A shipping container garage could be just the solution.

What is a Shipping Container Garage?

A shipping container garage offers a low cost, convenient alternative to the more traditional garage extensions. Shipping containers are sturdy and secure, meaning you can have a place for your vehicle that’s completely safe from the elements for a fraction of the cost. 

Getting your dream shipping container garage in the UK has never been easier. Let us know the specifications you’re looking for and we will create the perfect garage for your needs..

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Garage

For a convenient parking solution that guarantees you security and peace of mind at an excellent price, look no further than a shipping container garage.


One of the key positives of installing a shipping container garage in the UK is that they are designed to be as strong and sturdy as possible. 

They offer security against all types of weather and even against theft.

A shipping container garage is ideal for any vehicle; whether you want to protect a motorbike from the elements, or keep a prized car safe and sound.

No Planning Permission

Garage extensions can come with red tape, and you may be hit by planning permission legislation that could leave you waiting to get started. 

With a shipping container garage, there are no such issues. Due to its status as a ‘temporary structure’, it is unlikely that you will need permission, and may be able to have a complete garage on your property in as long as it would take to get planning permission sign-off.


A shipping container garage allows for all manner of customisation. If the size of your vehicle affords you some additional space, you can do with it whatever you like. 

A hook-up point can be installed to charge an electric car, a rack could be fitted for bikes, or you could even have a workbench for your tools. With a shipping container garage, you aren’t limited to just vehicle storage, do with the space what you will.

Types of Shipping Container Garages

Shipping Container 2-Car Garage

2 Car Shipping Container Garage
Underground Shipping Container Garage

Underground Shipping Container Garage

Shipping Container Motorcycle Garage

Shipping Container Garage Ideas

Car Collectors

Shipping containers are designed with security in mind. Companies shipping their wares across the world don’t want anything that could ruin the contents to get in. This is why the containers are designed with security and sturdiness in mind. Making them the ideal space to store a prized vehicle and keep it safe.



Your shipping container garage is your space to do with how you see fit. You should have more than enough room to store tools and equipment to allow you to modify and repair your car.

Car Dealers

The core purpose of a shipping container is to safely and securely transport stock around the world, keeping it safe throughout. This means that you are free to transport your container and vehicles wherever you like, without fear of damage or the elements.

All the security with none of the hassle

Why Choose a Shipping Container Garage

So you find yourself needing a new garage. Maybe your current one is in need of renovation, you need to convert the space, or you simply need more room. You’ve weighed up the options and decided a brand new, traditional garage would require major financing, major construction and major buildtime. 

Luckily, a shipping container garage is different. They provide you with all of the security, space and utilities your traditional garage can, but at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the build time.

Whatever you need we can do

Form Follows Function

Everybody uses their garage for different reasons. Live Off Grid can accommodate this. 

We can fit lighting, allowing you to work on your projects easily and safely. Power points can be installed that let you operate power tools to your heart’s content. We can even install solar panels so your shipping container garage can start to save you money in the long run. 

If it’s storage you need, our design team can fit functional, stylish cabinets or drawers that are built to efficiently fit your space.

The container fits your needs not the other way around


One of the biggest positives for a shipping container garage is its flexibility. What happens if you move into a new house and discover that your new car doesn’t fit into the garage? You start to cost up being able to extend it, you look into planning permission. The process is lengthy and costly. 

The beauty of our shipping container garages is that you can have it however you want. Be creative, use the space and make it your own. Got multiple cars? All you need is the space required for a second container. Got a small car? One container can be plenty of room, with space for tools and storage. Electric car? A power point can be installed. No fuss guaranteed.

Garages aren't just for cars

Your Space

With people always needing to do DIY on their days off and always wanting to take up new hobbies, space can be at a premium. Everybody needs their own area to work on personal projects 

Our shipping container garages can become storage container workshops in the blink of an eye. Shipping containers are designed to keep the elements out in the harshest environments, so unlike a garden shed you won’t have to be on constant lookout for leaks destroying your tools or your belongings. 

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Explore More Uses


Our shipping container gyms represent a safe space to exercise your mind and body, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional extension.


Looking for a place to get some work done away from distractions? Hate cramped, dark spaces to work? Our shipping container offices could be perfect for you. 


If you’re looking for an outdoor space to relax on a warm summer’s day, our shipping container pools make for an affordable, sustainable place to do it.


Can i use a shipping container as a garage?

Many new build homes in the UK today do not include a garage. This means that a lot of homeowners, particularly in urban areas, need to park on the street, which can severely affect insurance prices. For many the answer may lie in a shipping container garage. Provided you double check your rights as land-owner and planning permission rules for your area, you can use a shipping container as a garage.

Is it cheaper to build a shed garage or buy a shipping container garage?

This will depend on the measurements and the materials used to build a shed garage. If you keep the size down and use cheaper materials, it is possible for a shed to be cheaper. However, a good shed garage can be shockingly expensive, more so per square foot than many shipping container garages, while also being considerably less secure against both the elements and theft.

Can 2 cars fit in a 20ft container?

Depending on the size of your vehicles, and how your storage container garage is configured, it should be possible for two cars parked lengthways to fit in a 20ft container. For larger vehicles, a 40ft container may be a more suitable option. We can supply both and carry out structural changes to suit your needs.

Do shipping container garages get damp?

During initial construction, shipping containers are fitted with a specially designed air vent that is intended to allow air to circulate, while ensuring that no water is allowed in. This means that your shipping container garage should not get damp. However, the addition of a wet material into the container could cause excess dampness via condensation, this may be something you wish to consider on a rainy day by contacting an expert who should be able to allay any fears you may have.