Uses of Shipping Containers

Live Off Grid aims to make the act of disconnection accessible to everyone. The units are completely unique and totally flexible. You can have a shipping container office, a holiday home, a personal gym, and much more. Nature is at your fingertips.

We will create spaces catered to your needs so you can disconnect and discover.

Living Off Grid is an opportunity, a chance to get away from the rat race and free yourself both in mind and body. You can do whatever you want with your shipping container, it’s your custom space to promote your own self-discovery. If it’s inspiration you’re after though, here are a few popular uses for shipping containers.

Invest Off Grid






Social Spaces

Social Spaces



Holiday Home

Temporary Housing

Galaxy Container Homes

Open up possibilities with our 20ft & 40ft shipping container homes built for your comfort, anywhere.

Tiny Houses

The Tiny Houses movement is all about simplicity and sustainability. Return to nature without sacrificing modern comforts.

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