Reconnect with nature

In a world where technology forms such a huge part of our everyday lives, it’s important to take a step back regularly and to reconnect with nature.

There’s no denying that mobile phones and computers have made our lives easier. Instant access to entertainment and the ability to communicate with anyone we want at the touch of the button means we’re more connected than ever. But we’re not hardwired to spend all day looking at screens.

All the clicks, swipes and likes is having a huge effect on our mental health, as we’ve become accustomed to always being switched on. Turning our attention away from Instagram, Netflix and the PlayStation, and finding a way to reconnect with nature will vastly improve our wellbeing.

Ways to Reconnect With Nature

Finding a way to experience the great outdoors can be tricky if you’re short on time or live in a bustling city. Likewise, putting down the phone when you have an important job and people who depend on you can be a struggle as well. But it’s important to reconnect with nature in any way you can, whether that’s by taking 15 minutes to yourself or an entire weekend.

Below, we list a variety of ways to get you back outdoors, so you can find a routine that works for you.

Go for a Walk Regularly

Going for a walk is one of the simplest ways to reconnect with nature. Take a few minutes on your lunch break to step outside and enjoy the fresh air rather than staying indoors on your phone. If you need to get a few bits and bobs from the shop, ask yourself if you really need to take the car. Chances are, you won’t need to.

For those who have a bit more time to spare, venture a little further out and trek through the woods or the hills, and experience a section of the world free from concrete towers. Why not take your partner and children and make a whole day of it? If the weather is nice, you can even take a picnic.

Studies show that walking outdoors makes us feel more rejuvenated and helps us to become more mindful, meaning it provides a wonderful array of physical and mental health benefits.

Outdoor Exercise

Not much great came from the Covid pandemic, but with gyms closed, many people turned to their garden and local park for a fitness studio. Going for a run in the park and practising yoga in the backyard became common pastimes. Fitness instructors even found ways to help people stay fit, sociable and safe by holding American-style boot camps.

Now that gyms have reopened, it seems as though the love of outdoor exercise has dwindled a little bit, but there is a hybrid solution. A shipping container gym gives you all the benefits of a regular gym with all the upsides of exercising outside.

Exercise doesn’t have to be confined to the gym, so explore your options, and you may find a new way to keep fit without being surrounded by four concrete walls.

Weekend Breaks

One of the best ways to reconnect with nature is to block a significant amount of time out of your diary and to just escape the urban jungle. A weekend break in the countryside, enjoying a digital detox is exactly what our brains need from time to time.

Taking a few days back from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life can help you to discover new and enjoyable ways to pass the time. Exploring the environment, going for a bike ride, star gazing, even sitting back and listening to the sounds of nature will help you to unwind. While it may take some time getting used to putting your phone down, you’ll soon see that taking a rest every now and again could be the best thing for you.

Live Off Grid shipping container eco holiday homes are used by our partners across the country, so you can enjoy a peaceful break and experience nature in a way that suits you best.

Biophilic Design and Mental Health

Biophilic design is about introducing nature into built environments. There are many studies out there describing how biophilia improves our physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing, which is why Live Off Grid creates converted shipping containers with natural elements incorporated. Here are the some of the key ways we introduce nature to our containers:

Natural Light

Natural light holds many benefits such as:

  • The production of vitamin D
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving mental health

It’s well known that a lack of sunlight causes a significant change in our wellbeing, and many experts believe it’s related to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Large built-in windows and bifold doors are standout features of our converted shipping containers, allowing for as much natural light to flood in as possible. 

Colours & Materials

There are many colours that we associate with nature; a vivid green for grass, bright blue for the sky, and sandy hues to represent stone and clay. These are the shades that help us reconnect with nature, colours that remind us of the great outdoors.

Where possible, we introduce natural colours, and materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Bark
  • Stone

When you switch off from technology, you don’t want to be reminded of it everywhere you turn. Black and chrome finishes are kept to a minimum, so you’re not thinking about shiny laptops or mobile phones.

Benefits of Reconnecting With Nature

Spending time outside has proven benefits for both our wellbeing and physical health. The mental health charity Mind also champions reconnecting with nature, sharing stories on how getting out into the open world has helped those who have been struggling.

Here are just some of the ways individuals have benefited:

A Sense of Purpose

Reconnecting with nature can take several different forms, and one of those includes caring for the environment. Planting trees, growing flowers, and creating nests and dens for animals makes you feel dependable, as you know you’re doing a good thing.

Improved Mindfulness

Exploring nature gives you the opportunity to open your eyes and ears to the world around you. Many people find a sense of calm and tranquility when they take in the vivid scenery, clearing their minds and helping them to re-evaluate what’s really important in their lives.

Feeling More Active

Getting out and about can boost your endorphins, giving you a feel-good factor. And the more you explore, the greater that feeling grows. When you reconnect with nature, it’s rejuvenating, and you’ll start to feel healthier physically as well as mentally.

Finding What Works for You

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to reconnecting with nature. We all lead different lives, and we have to find what works for us as individuals. The important thing is making the effort.

If you can take the time to go away for a tech detox on the weekend, that’s great. If there’s only time in your diary for a quick walk every day, then that’s good, too.

And remember, you can always bring nature to you. Natural materials and colours can help you reconnect with nature no matter where you are, and a few indoor plants make for great additions to any room.
Find what works for you, and should you discover a break in the great outdoors is exactly what you need, we’re on hand to help.

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