Shipping Container Office

Looking for a space to call your own and be productive? A Shipping Container Office is perfect to get you firing on all cylinders and maintain a good work-life balance.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Office

Modern workers are being drawn more and more to home working. Online businesses are booming and many don’t require a physical office. Why leave the house when you can work from home and be comfortable? Our shipping container offices give you the perfect space to work in peace and keep your home life and your work life separate. 

A perfect space to get things done

Working from Home with a Stylish Twist

Shipping container offices are home working’s best kept secrets. For years you would only see them in gardens of pricey London homes or sprawling country townhouses. 

But with a heavier focus on home working in the modern world, the need for the perfect space has never been more clear. 

Live Off Grid’s shipping container offices provide you with perfect, sustainable, and cost-effective working spaces. Leave dingy, cramped home offices as a thing of the past. Get back amongst nature and give yourself a space to find the most productive you.

Get your new office without the hassle

Planning Permission

Need a home office but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to get planning permission for an extension? 

Live Off Grid’s shipping container offices are classified as a temporary, or semi-permanent structure, and in most cases are exempt from planning permissions. This leaves you free to get on with your day, without being chased by the local council.

You can build a home office to work away from a busy house. It can be installed on an industrial or building site, and even be used as a temporary solution if you are between offices or yours is under construction. 

Keep everything safe

Security Doesn't Come at a Cost

Working from home can allow greater freedom for workers, a chance to see more of your family, and in many cases it actually boosts productivity. It does come with issues though, one of which being security. Should somebody ever break in, your company’s documents and details could be easily accessible and taken. 

Shipping containers are designed from the ground up to be practically impossible to get into. They are built from durable materials, meaning a person wouldn’t be able to get into yours without making an awful lot of noise, allowing you to call the authorities. 

An Off Grid shipping container office gives you peace of mind that your equipment, files and paperwork are safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Working from home doesn't need to be dour

Put Yourself into Your Space

So you’ve decided a shipping container office is right for you. Well now comes the most exciting part; incorporating your style and personality into your working space. Just because it’s somewhere for work doesn’t mean you have to recreate a typical office. The better your environment the better your mood, and the better your mood the better you can work. 

With guidance from the Live Off Grid team you can create the perfect space to both boost your mood and your workflow. Yin and Yang in practice.

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Explore More Uses


Everybody needs space to work out, be it in body or in mind. Live Off Grid’s shipping container gyms are a cost effective, sustainable place to do it.


Life is too short to be restrained by the norm. If you want to get Off Grid and return to nature then have a look at our shipping container homes.


Shipping container cafes can represent an unrestricted space for a prospective business owner to fulfil their vision while saving money. Explore your future.


How to convert a shipping container into an office?

The process of building a shipping container office can be complicated, so it’s essential that you trust our world class team to design and build your dream space.

Can you have a shipping container in a UK garden?

Generally, shipping containers don’t require planning permission, regardless of where you put them. For garden use, think of it as a specialist garden shed. In principle, you don’t need permission for a shed so you won’t need one for one of our shipping containers. Despite this, some local authorities may have different rules so it’s always best to check before ordering.

How big is a shipping container office?

The standard size for our shipping container office is 20ft, but many of our clients wish for a larger space to work with. Luckily, we can offer a larger size if you need it. Flexibility is at the core of Live Off Grid and we always aim to help. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] for more information.