Shipping Container Bar

Take the industry back from landlords and embrace freedom with our shipping container bars.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Bar

The UK pub industry is worth an estimated £22 billion and there are reportedly over 22,000 of them. We live in a country with a well established love for a good pint, ripe for opportunity.

A shipping container bar allows you to get into this lucrative business, avoiding high costs and retaining a unique, trendy public image. 

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Why a Shipping Container Bar is Right for You

Shipping container bars are the ‘in thing’  right now. The word is spreading that the low costs paired with the freedom they bring combine beautifully with the hospitality industry. 

The freedom to create your bar in your image is the biggest draw. You can outfit your business however you like it. From tiki bars to ice bars, no matter the theme, our design team can deliver, and then some.

The possibilities are endless. No bother!


When opening a new business, you are forced to adhere to multiple factors. You might not be able to do whatever you want due to restrictions in your rental agreement, or local council rules may force you to change your plans. 

Shipping container bars have no such problems. Your space doesn’t inhibit you, because you’re in control. Need more space? Sounds like you need another container, no bother! Landlord not playing ball? Shipping container bars have no landlords and no planning permission, no bother! Council wants you to alter your vision? You can much more easily adhere to, and compromise with councils when your business can freely move to a new area that better suits you and them. No bother.

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Space Saving

The beauty of a good bar is that they don’t have to be big to be successful. Anywhere can be a bar from grand halls to garden sheds, wherever there’s space a successful bar can sprout. 

So no matter how you present your shipping container bar, be it using the container as the bar and having outdoor seating, using the container for seating, or a mix of both, you can be sure that our design team can perfectly complement the space.

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Opening a bar of your own can be a risky business opportunity. Many in the UK go under every year as more and more people prefer staying in over going out on a weekend, so how can you boost your custom while retaining your core business? 

Unlike an establishment in a traditional property, a shipping container bar can go where the customers are, not the other way around. From weddings and festivals, to corporate events and race meets. Wherever the punters are you can take your business. 

This freedom and ability to move your business make it an excellent opportunity to dip your toe into one of the biggest industries in the UK.

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Explore More Uses


Working from home can be tough, with distractions everywhere it can be hard to be at your productive best. A shipping container office allows you to keep your home for living. 


Shipping container restaurants are a growing trend. A cheaper option than traditional property, their ease to customise, and their stylish design make them a great option for restaurateurs.


The simple act of getting out and going to the gym can often be the hardest part of working out. What better way to get around this than a cost effective, stress-free shipping container gym. 


How to convert a shipping container into a bar

The fast pace setting of a bar means that constructing the perfect shipping container bar can be difficult. Live Off Grid has a world class team dedicated to creating your ideal space. We will take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements, before getting to work and making your dreams a reality.

How much does a shipping container bar cost?

Because Live Off Grid designs and builds a shipping container bar to your exact specifications, there’s no one-size-fits-all price. Please contact us at [email protected] with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

How big is a shipping container bar?

At Live Off Grid we have a world class team to design and build your shipping container bar. We speak to our clients to work out what their dream conversion looks like and we get to work creating it for them. However you want your bar, we can make it. We currently offer 20ft and 40ft shipping container conversions. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.