Living Off Grid

Living off grid is about more than just providing homes; its purpose is providing alternative lifestyle solutions to make it easier to live a life connected to nature. To facilitate off grid living in a way that provides affordable options to get away from the pressures of society and get back to nature. We believe in creating a better, healthier, more sustainable society. We put our passion into everything we do for off grid living, and strive to give you everything you’ll need to live off grid comfortably and self-sufficiently.

Your home should be your personal sanctuary that recharges you spiritually, emotionally and physically, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to fully rejuvenate in many modern residencies. Strip away the complications and live as nature intended, freely, openly and Off Grid.

Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Get your very own Off Grid home to use as you please, use it as your personal escape from the every day or embrace the true Off Grid experience by relocating. Your wellbeing should be placed above all else and living Off Grid ensures it is. Our homes are Off Grid, both geographically and literally, as modern distractions are stripped away for nature and natural design to fill their place.

Take The Step Off Grid

Choose the life you want to live. Don’t feel restricted by the confines of current mainstream housing options. The modern housing market is filled with expensive, poorly built homes that do not cater for wellbeing or human-centric design. Re-evaluate, simplify and naturally regenerate in your very own Off Grid home.

Galaxy Container Homes

Open up possibilities with our 20ft & 40ft shipping container homes built for your comfort, anywhere.

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