Shipping Container Gym

Discover how Live Off Grid can help you create your perfect space to work out in a shipping container gym.

What is a Shipping Container Gym?

For many people, the hardest thing about exercising can be the simple act of getting out of the house. This leads many to look to exercise from home. However, with money and space often at a premium, a shipping container home gym provides the best alternative.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Gym

A gym made from shipping containers is an opportunity for you to break the mould and create your ideal space. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself.


The beauty of a gym made from shipping containers is that it can be shaped around your workout regimes. 

Configure your shipping container gym however you like; add additional space for weights, an extra machine for cardio, you can even attach additional equipment to the outside of your shipping container home gym for a workout in the fresh air (weather permitting!).


The last thing you want when you spend your hard earned money on top-of-the-line gym equipment is for bad weather to cause leaks and ruin everything. 

Shipping containers are designed to withstand the harshest weather the world has to offer. You can be assured that your shipping container home gym will withstand whatever the UK weather has to throw at it.

Ideal Temperature

Exercising in too warm an environment can put additional stress on your body and cause serious illness. 

On the flip side, you don’t want your gym to be so cold that you can hardly feel your fingers either. With a shipping container home gym you don’t need to worry. Intelligent insulation and heating solutions mean that your space will always be the ideal temperature for you.

Types of Shipping Container Gym

Shipping Container Cross Fit Gym

Cross Fit Gym
Climbing Wall

Shipping Container Rock Wall

Shipping Container Sauna


Personal Use

The most common use for a gym made from shipping containers would be home use. As a home gym, your container can be fitted anywhere, but we find that the garden is best for both space and convenient installation.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructors

If you run a business as a fitness instructor, a shipping container home gym represents an opportunity for a more exclusive service than a larger, more traditional gym. Provide a personal experience in more specialised surroundings. 

Hospitality & Residential Sectors

For the hospitality and residential sector, a gym made from shipping containers brings some much needed flexibility. A hotel or leisure centre hard pressed for space can add a handy container gym for guests.

Get in shape in your own space

Why a Shipping Container Gym is Right for You

Finding the motivation to work and get exercising can be hard. With rising gym memberships often exceeding the use you get out of them, what can you do? If you want to get in shape but want to cut down on travel time and monthly payments, a gym made from shipping containers could be the solution. 

Most UK homes don’t come with the space required for a home gym. Many people find themselves converting bedrooms or garages to get their workout space. With Live Off Grid’s shipping container home gyms, your space opens up.  

Shipping containers are designed to be extremely durable and secure, making them ideal to store heavy gym equipment without needing to worry about the weight of machines affecting your floorboards.

Fit your workout in where you can

Efficient Exercising

It’s often said that a day even with a little bit of exercise is better than one with none. Many people have busy lives, with work, family, or hobbies and don’t always have the time for hour-long workout regimes. 

A shipping container home gym provides the convenience of proximity, allowing you to schedule your workouts amongst your busy schedule. More time efficient and more cost-effective.

Get your Gym fighting fit

Flexibility in Body and Space

One of the more interesting aspects of kitting out a home gym is weighing up what you want versus the space available to you. If you only have a small room to play with, you could be limited to what machines and equipment you can choose from. 

A key benefit of a gym made from shipping containers is that, weather permitting, you can open the doors and take your workout outside if you want. The beauty of nature meets the beauty of convenience.

Your space doesn't need to be for pumping iron

Tranquility in Nature

Some people don’t want a space to store weight and running equipment. Mental health is just as important as physical health. 

Mind and body exercises can have a huge benefit on your daily life. Having a safe and open space for a yoga studio at home, without having to dodge pets or family members, can boost your mood, your mind and your body. 

Your shipping container gym can be fitted however you want it. Large windows can be installed to take your tranquility into nature, a space to get away from the stresses of life and disconnect. 

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Explore More Uses


If it’s somewhere to relax and cool down on a warm summer’s day you’re looking for, our shipping container pools could be the answer.


Got a lot of projects and DIY but no space to do them? Shipping container garages are an affordable space, and still have room to park your car. 

Holiday Home

A chance to get away from it all and be at one with nature is all we can really ask for. A shipping container holiday home represents a chance to do it, on your terms. 


Do you need planning permission for a shipping container gym?

Shipping container home gyms are classified as temporary structures and do not generally need planning permission. However, we recommend corresponding with your local authority before installation to ensure there aren’t any special conditions in your area — such as areas of natural beauty or listed buildings.

The only things limiting you from putting a shipping container gym on your land is the desire, the necessary space, and convenient access for installation.

How long will a shipping container gym last?

The average lifespan of a shipping container when used for its initial intended purpose is around 30 years. However, due to the significantly less harsh environment a shipping container home gym will be faced with on a day-to-day basis, one is more likely to last up to 50 years.

Do shipping container gyms get damp?

Your shipping container home gym should not get damp because of specially designed air vents fitted during the initial build of the container. These vents are designed to allow air to circulate while still keeping all water out when in transit.

The only time you may experience dampness from something such as condensation will be if you put wet items like damp clothes/garden furniture in your container. As a precaution, we recommend wiping down all your gym equipment after use and removing the towels from the space.

Can you build your own shipping container gym?

It is possible to build your own shipping container gym — you will need to get hold of a high-quality container, all of the necessary resources, and equipment to fit out your space. It is also important that you do as much research as possible because errors in the conversion process can be extremely costly.

This is why we recommend you contact an expert to receive your dream space with all of the stress and hard-work taken care of for you.