Shipping Container Holiday Home

A shipping container holiday home can be the portal to nature and the world around you.

Characteristics of a Shipping Container Holiday Home

A shipping container holiday home offers all the excitement of a traditional property; a place to call your own, to be at one with nature, to see new sights, but at a significantly lower cost. 

Getting your dream holiday home doesn’t need to be stressful. Enjoy all the luxuries you’d expect from a bricks and mortar building, but with all the convenience and affordability of one of our shipping containers.

Embrace your surroundings

Why choose a Shipping Container Holiday Home?

Live Off Grid is built on the foundation of returning people to nature, allowing them to find themselves and marvel at the natural world. 

Our shipping containers are fitted with large, sleek windows allowing you to immerse yourself in your surroundings, no matter where you are. From Lands End and John O’ Groats, to even further afield, if you have a desire you are free to follow it with a shipping container holiday home. 

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Functional and Fresh

A shipping container might not be the first thing you think of when coming up with your dream holiday home, but it’s a growing industry. Shipping container holiday homes are popping up every day, all around the world. 

‘Staycations’ have never been so popular. Every year, more and more people flock to the UK’s beauty spots and buy up holiday homes. To avoid this scramble for prime real estate, why not take the alternative and unlock your true potential?

Shipping containers are generally produced using corrugated steel to withstand harsh conditions and be safe to travel long distances. This sturdy design makes it ideal if you ever wish to move your shipping container holiday home to somewhere new.

The container fits your needs, not the other way around


A shipping container holiday home is about forgetting what you know about more traditional properties. Once you put to bed the bricks and mortar, you are able to truly broaden your horizons. 

Whatever the features of your dream holiday home are, our design team can make it a reality. If you’re the environmental type, you can create a sustainable fantasy by collecting rainwater and solar panels for your utilities. 

You can have a hot tub, decking for a barbeque, no matter what is in your mind’s eye, it can all be achieved with a Live Off Grid shipping container holiday home.

Cost-effective and charming

Unique Business Opportunities

Thanks to their design and previous purpose, shipping containers make for incredibly versatile business opportunities. 

All containers are built to uniform size and shape and can be easily stacked or connected to make whatever type of holiday let you want. 

A smaller budget could create a simple apartment to rent for short term holiday lets to boost income, while a larger operation could easily create a shipping container holiday home village, with many small luxury spaces for guests to enjoy.

Shipping container conversions represent a cost effective and unique way to boost income for holiday destinations.

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Explore More Uses


Finding a safe place to park your car or store your stuff doesn’t need to be stressful. A shipping container garage can do the job and won’t cost an arm and a leg. 


A shipping container pool can be the perfect way to relax and cool down on a warm summer’s day. A dip in the pool could be the perfect way to cap off your day. 


A shipping container bar is an opportunity to stand out amongst a competitive industry and take control back from corporations and landlords.


Do I need planning permission for a shipping container holiday home?

In the UK shipping containers are classified as temporary structures, often making them exempt from any planning permission requirements. Please do be aware that some local authorities may have different rules, especially if a business will be operating as this is classed as a change of use. Always double-check with your local planning authority before making an order.

What's the best way to build a shipping container holiday home?

The beauty of a shipping container holiday home is that there is no right answer. Whatever way you want to make it is the best way. We have a world class design team that is dedicated to designing the perfect space for you.

How big can a shipping container holiday home be?

The most common size of shipping container holiday homes we sell is the 20ft container conversion. However, if your dream holiday home needs more space then feel free to tell us in the design process and we can provide you with a larger area.