Shipping Container Design Concept

At Live Off Grid we champion convenient, flexible ways for people to reconnect with nature and take better care of their own mental well-being, all in an affordable, sustainable environment.

Sustainable Solutions

The ongoing climate crisis is the largest threat our planet has ever faced. Without a change to the way we think as a society, we’re in danger of damaging the planet beyond repair.  

The UK’s green revolution is built into the fabric of Live Off Grid. Sustainability is key in every stage of our shipping container design concept, from solar power to the sustainable materials used to furnish our containers. 


The beauty of the Off Grid lifestyle is that it shapes to your preference. However you want to get Off Grid is the right way to do it. 

Our shipping container design concepts are made to be totally flexible, both in location and use. 


The modern world is so full of distractions that many find it impossible to switch off. Being ‘on’ all day every day is having a serious effect on the mental well-being of many people around the world. 

Your reconditioned shipping container can go anywhere you can have it; at the end of your garden, overlooking the ocean, even in a field. Anywhere you want your container is the right place for it. Disconnect from the mundane and discover the world around you.

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At Live Off Grid we maximise natural light and come up with intelligent storage solutions, allowing you to connect with self discovery comfortably and conveniently.