Concept & Design

We wanted to create something that helped humans reconnect with nature, through OFF GRID living. Human beings have an innate need to affiliate with other life forms such as plants and animals. As keen supporters of the biophilia movement, our OFF GRID living spaces can help to facilitate reconnection, affordably.
Our Vision


The design is just as simple. Natural, sustainable materials paired with sleek glass portals to nature and intelligent storage solutions provide a space that calms the mind and soothes the soul. We offer an abundance of furnishing options that will suit any and all lifestyle requirements.

Disconnect with day to day, connect with self-discovery.

Industry Leading

Interior Design

The design of these spaces was just as important as the concept. Natural and sustainable materials were first. A mixture of texture and a muted colour palette, a close second. We have created a range of simple, soft furniture in tans and neutrals to perfectly compliment the space, delicately paired with exposed plywood and other raw materials.

Intelligent solutions provide the storage space required for modern living, hidden away to calm the mind and allow for escape.

Natural Light

An abundance of windows provides for waves of natural light to fill the space and allows for the return of natural circadian rhythms. The complete yet compact kitchen and bathroom offer everything required for modern living whilst the homely living and dining areas provide more than enough extra space.

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What is Off Grid Living?

Modern life creates an unnecessary amount of stress for us. Living off grid is a growing concept in the UK that aims to remove the everyday issues that are constantly on our minds. 

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Our 20ft containers provide an exceptional garden space suitable for any lifestyle. Scale that up to a 40ft and just imagine the possibilities that you, your friends and family could enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The structures, along with caravans and mobile homes, are portable and are not designed to sit permanently, hence they should be exempt from planning permission requirements.