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Alternative Lifestyle Solutions

Live Off Grid is about more than just providing homes; it’s purpose is providing alternative lifestyle solutions to make it easier to live a life connected to nature.

This includes everything from tiny homes and converted shipping containers designed to give you a space to unwind, to the best and most sustainable ancillary items for your tiny home, van or tent.

Off Grid is as much about disconnecting from mainstream society as it is about disconnecting from the electricity grid. So many of our hunter gatherer memories are lost, and our connection with nature weakens everytime we pick up our phones. Off Grid is about consciously seeking an alternative to:

Vanilla architecture. The big housebuilders in this country are doing a good job of providing expensive, ugly, poorly built, boring homes.

Flimsy products. Living the Off Grid lifestyle is often challenging, while planned obsolescence makes it even harder. The further you are from towns & cities, the more you need to rely on your equipment. Anything we sell at Off Grid is built to last.

Consumerism. We consume too much food, fossil fuels, news, memes, tweets, emails, photos, videos, fumes. Reconnect to the natural world, take only what you need.

Aesthetic starvation. Too much of our lives are spent in environments that don’t excite our inner caveman.

Now some would say we’re being dramatic, but as we see everyday on the news and experience in our own lives: our system, and heartbreakingly our society, are in a sorry state. Off Grid is about branching out, and doing it in an exciting, fun, healthy and positive way.

Tiny Houses

Container Homes
Tiny Houses on Wheels

Uses of Converted Shipping Containers

The joy of living Off Grid is that it’s flexible. Our converted shipping containers are bespoke to you. Here are just a few examples of what we can do if you need inspiration.

Holiday Homes


Temporary Housing

Why Choose Us?

The petty pressures of modern life have led more people than ever to long to escape, to get Off Grid. The Live Off Grid team work to provide affordable ways to get away from all that and get back to nature. We believe in creating a better, healthier, more sustainable society. 

We put our all into every unit we design, striving to give you everything you’ll need to Live Off Grid comfortably and self-sufficiently.

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Contact us here if you have any questions on our designs or what we can do for you.

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