Eco Home
Life is hectic, and it’s important to take some time out for yourself regularly. Work deadlines, a bombardment of BBC “bad news headlines” and the expectation to show our best side for social media can easily affect our lives. A short stay in an eco holiday home set against the beautiful backdrop of nature gives...
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How to convert a container home in the uk
Over three quarters of people in the UK live in urban settings. This is mostly because cities offer things that more rural areas may not such as career advancement and an exciting nightlife. However, the sights and sounds of city life are also full of potential stress triggers. The constant hustle-and-bustle, noisy surroundings and the...
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Sustainability is one of the biggest concerns we have for our planet’s future. Over the last two centuries, Earth’s temperature has risen by 1.8 degrees fahrenheit thanks to humanity’s overreliance on products and services that damage the environment. British workers will spend an average 84,365 hours in the office over the course of their lives,...
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