Why Take a Break in an Eco Holiday Home

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Life is hectic, and it’s important to take some time out for yourself regularly. Work deadlines, a bombardment of BBC “bad news headlines” and the expectation to show our best side for social media can easily affect our lives. A short stay in an eco holiday home set against the beautiful backdrop of nature gives you the means to reevaluate what’s truly important — and trust us, posting to Instagram will quickly tumble to the bottom of your list.

If you need to escape from modern living — even just for a few days — an eco holiday home could be the right fit for you.

Why Take a Break in an Eco Holiday Home

An environmentally-friendly getaway has a range of benefits for you and the planet. Here are a couple of our top reasons to take a break in an eco holiday home:

Escape from Normality

We all need some time away from our everyday lives. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut of working, watching TV, and scrolling on our phones before lying in bed and struggling to sleep almost every night.

When you take a break in an eco holiday home, you start to mix things up a bit. Instead of answering work emails in the morning, you go for a walk in the fresh air. Instead of staring at a screen for entertainment, you look to the horizon and enjoy a sunset or you gaze up to see the stars sparkle at night.

You don’t have to follow the same routines when you take an eco break. Find what really inspires you and see how much happier you feel without your phone in hand.

Guilt-Free Enjoyment

For some reason, we’ve been hardwired into thinking we should feel guilty for enjoying some “me-time”. That’s a ridiculous notion, as life is meant to be enjoyed! However, if the idea of affecting the environment is weighing on your mind, you can be confident that an eco holiday home is the most sustainable way to take a break.

There’s no need for air conditioning when you have wide windows, bifold doors and a lovely breeze coming in from over the hills. Likewise, an eco set-up can include recycling rainwater and taking advantage of solar and wind power. There is always a way to improve sustainability, so you can experience guilt-free enjoyment for the duration of your stay.

How to be Eco Friendly on Holiday

Travelling broadens the mind and provides a much needed escape from everyday life, and luckily, there are several ways to reduce the impact travel has on our planet.

Choosing to take a break in the UK is always a good place to start, as flights can emit as much as 254 grams of CO2 for every kilometre travelled by a single passenger. In comparison, a train emits 41 grams of CO2 and a coach emits just 28 grams per single passenger.

An eco holiday home constructed by Live Off Grid also provides sustainable energy, as we look to incorporate solar panels, wind power and hydro-electrics into our upcycled shipping containers.

Overall, though, being respectful is the easiest way to be eco friendly on holiday. Make sure to take all rubbish back with you after an excursion or day trip, don’t remove any plants, and avoid the temptation to try and feed animals with any food that doesn’t form part of their natural diet.

Simply taking a holiday or short break by itself can be an eco-friendly thing to do. Kip & Nook are partnered with Gone West, and they will plant one tree on their grounds for every booking taken. 

Luxury Eco Holidays

A converted shipping container might not sound like the perfect setting for luxury eco holidays, but having a vision and a lot of know-how goes a long way. Companies such as the Box BNB are using Live Off Grid shipping containers to create luxurious eco breaks in picturesque UK countryside locations.

Explore the idyllic North York Moors and then return to your eco holiday home shipping container complete with master bedroom, fully functioning bathroom and breathtaking views from your private decking area.

Make Money From Your Land

Taking a break in an eco holiday home is the perfect staycation for many, but destinations are few and far between. However, private landowners with plenty of natural space can make a huge difference.

People want to experience the great outdoors. They want to walk through the woods, trek through the hills and relax in a beauty spot that’s distant from the rat race. You can make money from your land by setting up an eco holiday home or two, and here are a few good reasons why you should consider it as a worthwhile option:

Passive Income

Financial freedom is a dream that’s hard to attain, particularly if you’re trying to avoid piling on the workload. However, you can make money from your land without having to do much at all if you install an eco holiday home constructed from a shipping container.

Your guests will essentially look after themselves. At most, all you would have to do is greet them, point out a few nice places for them to visit and tidy up the container once their stay is over.

As a low-cost-high-return investment, a shipping container eco holiday home requires very little input, and you’ll barely even notice when guests come to staycation on your land.

Provide an Escape

Modern life isn’t good for us. Pressures we face from work, social media and even ourselves has a huge effect on wellbeing. Heavy internet users are five times more likely to feel depressed than non-heavy users, and the HSE (the Government’s Health & Safety Executive) is reporting that 822,000 individuals suffered from work-related stress in 2020/21.

But you can help people escape from all that and make money from your land at the same time.

Companies such as Shuffle Life are championing digital detoxes and wellbeing. They provide off grid eco holiday homes where people can recharge themselves instead of their phones, relaxing in a beautiful, natural environment.

Ultimately, they’re doing good by offering those who are feeling the strain somewhere to unwind. And with our help, you can do the same, too.

Recharge & Reconnect

Getting away from it all is important for our mental health and personal growth, so make sure to look after yourself and take regular breaks away from screens and the concrete jungle. By the end of the first day of your break, you’ll feel so much more refreshed and that will continue to grow the more you recharge and reconnect with nature.

And if you have the space for an eco holiday home, get in touch with a member of our team and learn how you can easily make money from your land while doing a good deed for those who need some time to themselves.

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