Are you struggling to find the land or get planning for your off-grid Tiny Home or Cabin? Or do you have the land but don’t have the capital or the knowledge to get planning for an off-grid glamping site? We can help! We successfully create sustainable Tiny Homes & Cabins in authentically off-grid locations with...
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Reconnect with nature
In a world where technology forms such a huge part of our everyday lives, it’s important to take a step back regularly and to reconnect with nature. There’s no denying that mobile phones and computers have made our lives easier. Instant access to entertainment and the ability to communicate with anyone we want at the...
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Tiny house movement uk
The tiny house movement in the UK is a trend that originated in the States but is catching on here very quickly. The idea of “bigger is better” is dying out, and the concept of “good things come in small packages” is taking its place. But what exactly is the tiny house movement and why...
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