Setting Up a Full Glamping Business or Owning a Tiny Home Within 90 Days

Are you struggling to find the land or get planning for your off-grid Tiny Home or Cabin? Or do you have the land but don’t have the capital or the knowledge to get planning for an off-grid glamping site?

We can help!

We successfully create sustainable Tiny Homes & Cabins in authentically off-grid locations with minimal planning and infrastructure necessary for investments from £10,000. Allow us to save you up to £113,000 in start-up costs for your off-grid Tiny Home or Glamping business, in comparison to using other glamping products such as Shepherd Huts & Pods.

How Does Our Unique Model Work?

Taking the first step; finding and securing the land.

Understanding what area of land is best for off-grid Tiny Homes is part of our expertise. Let us help you find the idyllic spot so you can stop searching and concentrate on moving your vision forwards.

Saving time, money & energy by avoiding the need for planning.

Planning can cost £20,000+ and take 12+ months to get, potentially costing another £30,000 in lost revenue. We understand the planning process inside and out and work with a planning exemption license to avoid having to get planning from the council. We have vetted all our land to meet these criteria, so we could have an off-grid Tiny Home ready in 90 days.

An average glamping project’s infrastructure set-up can cost £40,000 – not with us.

Working with public bodies to gain access to on-grid electrical, water and sewage connection is time consuming, costly and requires planning. Even putting in septic tanks is expensive and needs planning. On the other hand, minimal infrastructure is required for our off-grid Tiny Homes.

It is sustainably designed to run regeneratively off-grid – powered by solar energy and not producing sewage due to the use of a compost toilet. It is also fixed to a trailer meaning no foundations are required and has minimal impact on nature.

We provide an opportunity to own off-grid Tiny Homes, minus the operational hassle.

Making money in your sleep with passive income whilst being able to also enjoy your off-grid Tiny Home is now achievable through our business model. Let us take care of the nitty-gritty, as we can deal with the whole operation side – from website, marketing, customer inquiries, cleaning, consumables, and check-ins.

Building a website, brand, legal and marketing plan can cost £23,000+ before you even get your first customer.

How Are Our Off-Grid Tiny Homes Made?

They are a 16sq m (2.44m wide by 6.6m long) self-contained units with an en-suite, including a hot shower and a compost toilet.

They are built like a house that is attached to a steel trailer. This solid trailer acts as the foundation and means a Tiny House can be simplistically towed to its tranquil, off-grid location.

The units have a lifespan of 25 years+ while the frame can last 65+ years and all units are sustainably run off solar, wood and gas to ensure they will always be in demand and are kind to their natural surroundings.

So, How Can We Help You?

We practice what we preach. The proof is in the pudding through our very own sustainable and successful glamping business, Shuffle Life.

From setting up a fully fledge glamping business to owning a part or whole of a tiny home – we can facilitate any need you have. In summary, we have two and a half models that align ourselves with you by putting our own capital into the off-grid tiny homes to de-risk the process:

  • You have the land, and we can purchase and operate the off-grid cabins:

+ Buy 50% of a tiny home and share the profit after your rent

+ Don’t buy a tiny home and receive a 25% profit share for land

*No capital, risk or effort on your behalf.*

  • You want to own an off-grid cabin but don’t have any land

+ We buy a Tiny Home with you on our land and operate for maximum profit

If you want to explore this further by downloading:

  • Our tiny home investment pack,
  • Our land opportunity brochure
  • Our tiny home specification

Please get in touch with a member of our team quoting one or more of the three to find out more.

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