5 Shipping Container Alternative Uses

For decades, shipping containers made of corrugated steel have been hauling cargo to and fro across the world. 

Created in 1956 in America by inventor Malcolm McLean, they were conceived to revolutionise the transportation of cargo. For over 50 years they have done just that. 

Time can change just about anything though, and now, shipping containers have found many new, exciting uses. The uniformity of shipping containers has allowed for creative people to adopt them and transform them into something totally unique. Whatever you can think of, it can be done using shipping containers. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve listed our top uses below.

Shipping Container House

The first record of somebody actually taking a shipping container and converting it into something was British architect Nicholas Lacey. In the 1970s, he wrote his thesis on the concept of reusing shipping containers to be converted into habitable dwellings for humans. 

After submitting his university thesis, he went on to create a number of these structures out of reused shipping containers, unknowingly fuelling the Off Grid movement of the future.

Shipping container homes have been around for almost 50 years, so why are they so popular right now? 

Modern living in bustling urban cities is affecting our well beings, city living is associated with higher risk of mental health problems in comparison to more rural parts of Britain; there’s an almost 40% higher risk of depression and over 20% more anxiety in urban life. 

A shipping container house gives you an opportunity to be free, to escape from the stress of the world around you, return to nature and experience its healing effects. Re-discover the beauty of the natural world with a shipping container house. 

Shipping Container Restaurant

A growing trend in an uber competitive market, the shipping container restaurant concept has been an attractive option for a few years now. 

It remains an exciting opportunity thanks to it being a more cost-effective option for a potential business owner than traditional bricks and mortar. 

  • Reduced building costs
  • Limited labour costs
  • Could qualify for tax relief
  • Containers often come cheaper than building resources
  • No need to pay a landlord every month

They are also perfect for a creative person to imprint their business identity onto a space and create an eye-catching restaurant space using creative branding and colour schemes.

Shipping Container Pool 

In terms of innovative uses for shipping containers, you can’t look much further than a shipping container pool. Cooling down in the summer never looked so industrial chic. 

The fantasy of relaxing by a pool on a hot summer’s day clutching your drink of choice is, for most, reserved exclusively for your summer get-away. 

But after a year stuck at home, and with travelling abroad not recommended for the immediate future, many are looking into ways to bring their summer holidays to the United Kingdom. 

Significantly lower costs than a traditional pool, with a striking, conversation-starting design has led many Brits to consider a shipping container pool for their garden. Live your fantasy and get swimming this summer. 

Shipping Container Gym

Nearly two thirds of people in the UK admitted to giving up completely, or partially on their new year’s resolution this year. 

And with fitness and exercise related resolutions standing out as most popular by a distance with Brits, that’s an awful lot of people who stop going to the gym or working out every year.

One of the main reasons people struggle with committing to the gym is a combination of access and motivation. Motivating yourself to go work out can be tough when you’ve had a long day and the nearest gym isn’t close by. 

Many homes in the UK don’t have the space for a home gym. Estimates suggest that around 87% of the population do have access to space in their garden, though. Some may use the space for outdoor exercises like football, but what if the British weather does what it does best and ruins your fun? 

A shipping container gym is a perfect, unique space to fit into your garden to get around any issues with your proximity to the nearest gym. They can be fitted to have all of the equipment you need to have the best workout, can have electricity installed for late night/early morning workouts, or to fit a TV. They also open up so you can take advantage of the space in your garden even further when the weather allows it.

Shipping Container Temporary Housing

The number of people in the UK relying on temporary housing to have a roof over their heads is constantly climbing. More than 250,000 people in the UK are finding themselves sleeping rough on the streets, sleeping in unsuitable spaces, such as sheds and garages, relying on friends, or are living in unsuitable accommodation.  

1 in 52 people across London (one of the world’s richest cities) cannot find suitable temporary accommodation. 

These numbers are troubling no matter where you’re looking at them from. Every man, woman and child in the UK and around the world should have a safe space to lay their head at the end of the day, to eat three square meals and to live their life without the fear of living on the street. 

When people think of temporary housing, they think of cramped properties that are falling apart at the seams.

Live Off Grid wants to prove these misconceptions are false by safe and accommodating spaces for people in need. 
Live Off Grid shipping container temporary housing can provide an affordable, flexible living solution for local councils and charities to provide safe, comfortable housing for people who need it most.

Why Live Off Grid is Right For You

Shipping Containers are a flexible solution to a number of problems you could have. No matter the issue, a Live Off Grid converted shipping container may be the answer. 

We create breathtaking spaces, perfect for allowing you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life and all the stresses and mundanity that come with it. Disconnect from the world and discover your ideal space, somewhere that truly belongs to you. Be Free with Live Off Grid.
Contact our team at [email protected] for more information on how we can help create your perfect space.

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