3 Key Benefits of Live Off Grid

Live Off Grid is about creating spaces that allow people to disconnect from their day-to-day routine, to find their true self, and rediscover the natural world around them.

Our converted shipping containers are specially designed to act as a space to call your own, to rid you of the need to consume happiness through a screen and instead find it in the world around you. 

We believe that the world is a place full of wonder and discovery. The modern way of life has made it nearly impossible to experience it properly.

Through intelligent design solutions and sustainable materials, we create your dream space to get back to nature, without the need to sacrifice luxury.

The Meaning of Live Off Grid 

Live Off Grid was born out of frustration. Frustration fuelled by the ongoing pandemic, the ever-growing urban world and the zombie-like state of people being attached to technology all day every day. 

Modern humans have become so dependent on their phones and having constant access to social media that it’s having a huge effect on our mental health. Since the release of smartphones, the rate of young adults aged 18-25 reporting mental health concerns has risen by an alarming 63%.

We believe that people need to break the cycle, to disconnect from the artificial, and discover nature and all the healing properties it can bring. 

Live Off Grid is all about helping you escape the concrete jungle and return to nature. 

By creating stunning spaces, full of natural light and intelligent living solutions, we provide you with perfect space to find yourself, to disconnect and discover away from the modern world while keeping all of its comfort. 

Benefits of Live Off Grid 

Live Off Grid is more than a company, it is a way of life. Live Off Grid allows you to get a clearer view of the beauty of the natural world around you, with the stresses and mundanity of modern life stripped away.

Here are some of the key benefits to the Off Grid concept:

Reconnect With Reconnection  

Live Off Grid’s converted shipping containers allow you to improve your mental wellbeing and reconnect with nature in a sustainable and eco-conscious way. 

We take reconditioned shipping containers and breathe new life into them. Our world class design team creates perfect, idyllic spaces full of natural light and character, using high quality materials made from natural and sustainable materials to make reconnection with nature that little bit easier. 

Living off grid is as much about reconnecting with yourself as it is with nature. Rediscovering the true you, without the screens and constant need to distract you from yourself. 

Our units can be used for any purpose, from unique office space to a professional, eye-catching restaurant. They create havens for free-thinking people to live and work, without the constraints of having to put money into the pockets of landlords or banks in huge mortgage and rental fees. 

Reconnect With Work

With the loosening of lockdown restrictions and businesses beginning to look towards their future, the age of everyone working from home permanently could be coming to an end. Businesses are considering hybrid solutions to allow people to remain working from home a few days a week. 

With the return to the office however, comes some of its great faults. According to studies by mental health charity MIND, more than one in five (21%) of employees admitted to calling in sick to avoid workplace stress. Also, around 42% admitted to considering quitting their job due to the effect workplace stress has had on them, while 14% did resign over it. 

The pandemic has changed working patterns for good for many, and experts predict that there will be changes in the location, amount of, and types of office spaces needed post-pandemic. 

Many people have left cities behind in the last 18 months and are weighing up whether they want to move back to urban office work, instead preferring more alternative, technologically well equipped facilities with better access to nature.

We’re on the lookout for sites in the UK and overseas, where we can create co-living, and co-working communities using our Off Grid containers as the building blocks for the living and working spaces. These sites would be home for many digital nomads and creatives, and also offer “work away” packages to larger corporations.

Reconnect With Living

The Off Grid lifestyle is becoming more and more common in a modern world that’s losing touch with itself. The need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race, and to live a more sustainable, cost effective life is appealing to many. 

Live Off Grid’s shipping container homes offer an opportunity to set yourself free. The Off Grid lifestyle is about the flexibility to live life your way, without compromise. 

Additionally, a report by Shelter showed that over 250,000 people in the UK were currently either living on the street or in temporary housing, the highest in almost fifteen years. 

At Live Off Grid we believe that everybody in the United Kingdom and around the world deserves the basic right of a roof above their head. They deserve somewhere to shelter from the elements, and a space to call their own.

Many councils and charities in the UK are finding it difficult to affordably provide people in need with safe spaces. We believe that our converted shipping container homes are the perfect solution, and could go a long way to help address the current homelessness epidemic the UK faces. 

Shipping container temporary housing is a significantly more affordable, comfortable, and secure space for people in need than other, more permanent, and pricey housing solutions. 

What Makes Live Off Grid Special

What makes Live Off Grid special is the mindset, the ethos of disconnect and discovery runs through the core of our business, and is at the forefront of everything we do. Every shipping container that we convert has to be the perfect space for you to experience life to the fullest. 

Live Off Grid is about alternative solutions to some of modern life’s biggest struggles.  It’s about allowing you to rediscover what matters in whatever way suits you best. Disconnect and Discover on your terms with Live Off Grid.

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