Improve Your Wellbeing With a Tech Detox

Tech Detox

It’s no surprise that many of us find it difficult to switch off from everyday life. Up and down the UK, people struggle to put their phones down and turn off devices for even an hour or two. The need to be constantly ‘on’ has been ingrained into us, and we’re at a point where digital addiction is a real problem in society.

The numbers speak for themselves. Heavy internet users are five times more likely to suffer from depression than non-heavy users, 52% of school children said social media negatively affects their confidence, and studies in America have shown that mobile phone usage increases our anxiety levels.

For years, our focus has been on getting the most “likes” on Facebook and Instagram, putting up perfect profile pictures that hide our imperfections and simply finding a way to occupy the few minutes of free time we have per day. This isn’t healthy. Live Off Grid wants to be at the forefront of change.

Spend Time With Nature

Humanity isn’t as well-suited to indoor living as we’ve been led to believe. Being outside and connecting with nature does wonders for our mental health because early humans evolved living off the land. Studies show that our wellbeing can improve by 13% when we incorporate elements of nature into our lives.

Live Off Grid’s reconditioned shipping containers can be placed anywhere. From wide, open fields to your own back garden, you can go into our repurposed containers, turn your phone off and spend some time listening to chirping bird calls or the pitter-patter of rainfall while looking out to the horizon. Disconnect from your phone and discover the world around you.

Nothing on social media can compare to switching your mind off and taking in what nature has to offer. If you can enjoy the little things and embrace the happiness that comes with doing nothing, you’ll find the world a more relaxing place.

Take Time Out For Yourself

Do you remember what you used to do with your time before technology became such a strong presence? Maybe you used to read, express yourself through painting or went on regular hikes. People put their hobbies to rest in favour of rolling their fingers over a touchscreen, and many of today’s generation don’t know what a world without wifi and phone notifications is even like.

Take a tech detox. Find or rekindle a passion that doesn’t involve screens. It’s important to enjoy some time that’s well and truly yours. We have a tendency to share everything we do with the world online, and very few things we do these days feels personal.

When you take time out for yourself, keep it that way. The world will cope just fine without an Instagram story or Tiktok video of how you spent your afternoon. Do something for you, not for other people.

Live in the Moment

A tech detox is great for helping you live in the moment. Once you take screens out of the equation and have some time to yourself, you start to understand what’s genuinely important in your life.

You don’t need to go to a special resort to enjoy a tech detox. The same effect can be achieved by renting or purchasing one of our purpose-built reconditioned shipping containers to help you disconnect from the digital world. In the right environment, you can make a monumental improvement to your personal wellbeing.

Intrigued to discover more on how our units can help with tech detoxing? Make sure to get in contact with us.

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