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Off grid stays

The concept of ‘try before you buy’ has been around for a long time. For instance, who hasn’t spent a significant part of their Saturday afternoon slipping in and out of fitting rooms? However, while most of us have experienced this time-honoured ritual, could the same principle be applied to dipping a toe into the waters of the off grid lifestyle? Absolutely! 

As the desire to trade the concrete jungle for a life among nature gathers pace, individuals from all walks of life have already made the permanent switch. Repurposed shipping containers are the key to this new frontier, but for anyone who wants to try before they buy, options might previously have been limited. Until now.  
Shipping container homes for rental purposes give you a tantalising window into a more sustainable world. If you’re intrigued by what’s in store, this could be the first step into an exciting new lifestyle without limits. Let’s take the plunge together.

Ready to be Amazed by Off the Grid Properties?

There are a few common threads that always seem to crop up when people talk about spending time in off-the-grid properties. For some, this is a moral choice about how we choose to spend our time. Other people might have a simpler motivation; the opportunity to trade the greyscale din of the city for the colourful tranquillity of the great outdoors.

The decision to switch from the grit and grime of everyday life to a new beginning off the grid isn’t to be taken lightly. There’s no denying that it is a major change and, no matter how many exciting reasons you might have for ploughing ahead, it makes sense to know for sure if it’s right for you. In this respect, taking a shorter break in an eco holiday home might be the best form of compromise allowing you to try it out for yourself before making a long-term commitment.

Their reasons for making the change and embracing the off-grid lifestyle often include: 

  • Improve Your Footprint: More and more people with each week that passes are thinking about changing their sustainability habits. They view it as only a small price to pay for the betterment of the planet. This often means swapping the carbon-intensive option of a long haul holiday for an environmentally-friendly staycation. Spending time in shipping container homes, rental or permanent, gives you a more rounded appreciation for (and better) energy consumption and waste management practices.
  • Discover Delights on Your Own Doorstep: Sometimes we spend so much time looking far afield that it can be easy to overlook the UK’s natural beauty. From the sunlit stretches of the south coast up to the rugged majesty of the Scottish Highlands, there is so much to see. Off the grid properties are the ideal way to reconnect with the often stunning British countryside.
  • Enjoy Those Mindful Moments: A quick glance around on a busy commuter train, or a bus packed like sardines in peak times, will show that the population just cannot switch off from screens. Off-grid living presents a golden opportunity to strip things back to basics and improve their mindfulness. After all, who wouldn’t want to trade at least some of their daily scrolling allowance for the immediacy of time spent in the countryside with friends and family? 

Eager to Experience Off the Grid Properties? Here’s your Chance!

For some people, the thought of abandoning the rat race in favour of the greener pastures of alternative living, could be both exciting and slightly daunting. As with any major lifestyle change, it makes sense to research off the grid properties before taking the plunge. If this sounds familiar, why not have a short dip in the tranquil waters by trying a shorter break in a stunning property? This will quickly test how ready you are for a more sweeping long-term lifestyle change.

Our range of shipping container homes for rental are perfect for anyone seeking the thrill of discovery without the long-term commitment of owning a modular house. They’re suitable for a versatile range of people, such as couples looking for an idyllic getaway, or eco-conscious families wanting to reconnect. Whether it’s a special occasion, family getaway, or just a chance to take a breath and unwind, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, including:

Try Before You Buy

We get it, spending thousands on a whole new way of living, even if you’re 90% sure it’s how you envision the next phase of your life, will still feel like a risk to many. The fear of the unknown is totally understandable. 

While we’re convinced that investing in the Off Grid lifestyle offers opportunities that can’t be beat, and that you’ll relish a return to the heart of nature, we understand that a brief stay could be important. 

This is a huge reason why we launched Off Grid Stays in the first place, to allow those with the inclination to see if this bold new path is exactly what they need to reconnect and rewind. The answer is out there waiting.

Find the Right Location

Are you most at home by the coast, totally at ease out in the golden sunshine, and entranced by the whispering waves? Perhaps you prefer a remote clearing in the heart of the woods, the dawn chorus acting as a soundtrack to the start of your day? Renting off-the-grid properties provides the time and flexibility to find the location of your dreams, and maybe even your future. 

Save Money

It might be an obvious one, but there’s generally a pretty marked difference between the cost of a short staycation and a fortnight abroad. Using shipping container homes for rental purposes may cut out the need to buy a plane ticket, slash the budget for expensive meals, and remove the need to spend a fortune on entertainment. All of this combined could reduce both your outgoings and your carbon footprint. What’s not to like?! 

Unleash the Luxury

Finally, it’s important not to assume that a week off-grid means foregoing luxury. Many exclusive shipping container homes rental options offer stylish interior designs and can be adapted to include hot tubs, swimming pools, and games rooms. The very best ones are specially designed to include neat touches like spa bathrooms, chic artwork, and intelligent design solutions to maximise light and space. 

We’ve got everything you need for the ultimate blend of recreation, relaxation, and recuperation.

Time to Spread the Joy of Offering Shipping Container Homes for Rental? 

As eco-consciousness continues to gain momentum, we’re sure that more and more people will continue to join the off-grid revolution. This means that existing owners might be able to share their love of the good life and generate a little extra income all at the same time. This is especially good news for owners of cabins, yurts, shepherd’s huts etc, as their amazing abodes could soon become the must-visit staycation of the future.

The advantages for owners and hosts alike include:

  • Being able to transform underused land into a vibrant community of curious, modern nature-lovers.
  • Carving a unique niche at the forefront of sustainability.
  • Finding a creative outlet for the artistically-inclined that could pull crowds and draw attention to your eye-catching designs.
  • The flexibility to choose how a container home fits your own lifestyle.
  • A way to make some additional income.

Sample the Good Life with Live Off Grid

The rise in popularity of off the grid properties goes beyond the latest trend, it’s a bona fide movement. For those who have already made the transition, the benefits are already being enjoyed. If you’re curious about an exciting new life of self-sufficiency, reduced costs, and freedom of movement, Live Off Grid is ready to broaden your horizons.

As one of the leaders in off the grid living, we specialise in designing and creating a range of outstanding housing options of various sizes. If you’re not quite ready to permanently commit to the lifestyle, we offer shorter breaks that give you an ideal insight into what’s in store. We’re sure you’ll love the invigorating pleasures on offer. Browse our website for more information about Off Grid Stays, and to find out what a holiday container stay is actually like, read our dedicated blog. 
If you’re ready to reset, reconnect and return to nature, it’s time to Live Off Grid. For more information on how to Live, Stay or Invest Off Grid, please contact us at [email protected] today.

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