The Key to Great Shipping Container Stays in the UK

Shipping container stays uk

The ever-expanding appeal of living off-grid is leading more people than ever to spurn expensive trips abroad in favour of an eco-friendly staycation. Shipping container stays in the UK have been on the rise in recent years, offering travellers the chance to discover areas of natural beauty and forget about the stresses and strains of modern life. And, far from being a uniform band of explorers, the reasons for each new conversion to this exciting movement are often diverse.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic hideaway beneath the stars, or a family looking to reconnect in the wilderness, there’s an option out there for you. However, before you start packing, how much do you know about the individual factors that can transform a good shipping container break into a great one? If you’re going to Disneyland you’ll likely know what to expect, so join us as we journey into the heart of the concept and answer the question: what makes a good shipping container stay in the UK?

It All Starts With Luxury Accommodation

For the uninitiated, shipping container stays in the UK might seem like a no frills alternative to a trip overseas. You might even assume that staying in modular build houses couldn’t possibly compare with more expensive accommodation. How much could realistically be achieved by transforming a former cargo crate into a viable holiday destination? If this is you, prepare to be wowed.

The thing to bear in mind when it comes to modular homes is that the units themselves are highly adaptable. You can do a lot with them. This means that owners can stack and interlock them in a near-limitless number of ways, with the results often being nothing short of breathtaking. 

Fancy an intimate retreat for two in a secluded spot? How does a cosy cabin complete with a double bed, en-suite bathroom, stylish interior design, and roaring log fire sound? Best of all, the floor-to-ceiling windows not only flood your living space with natural light but also reveal awe-inspiring vistas that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Everything comes down to the possibilities a premium design team can bring to life.

For other staycationers, the objective might instead be a weekend break with a few friends. How does a multi-floor construction of modular build houses sound? The kind of place that not only looks to all intents and purposes like a legitimate piece of art, but also has enough space to contain several bedrooms, a BBQ area, hot tubs, swimming pool and cinema projector? 

It’s clear that not only can shipping container stays in the UK hold their own against more mainstream competition, they’re actually capable of outshining them. So, if you want luxury and creature comforts while breaking away from the norm, these stunning structures are ideal.

Find Time For Amazing Activities

The common aim of shipping container stays in the UK is relaxation and recuperation. Broadly speaking, if you like theme parks, shopping, and high end restaurants, you’re probably in the wrong place. However, if you want to get away from it all and wind down in one of the country’s many luxurious modular build houses, then there’s sure to be plenty to do.

Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy during your off-grid break:

  • Explore: From the moment the alarm sounds, we spend most of our days visiting the same places and performing the same basic tasks. Shipping container stays in the UK give you a chance to embark on a voyage of discovery in some of the more untouched and unspoilt regions in the country. Are you ready to broaden your horizons and see what else is waiting for you out there?
  • Work Out: Worried that staying in distant modular build houses will disrupt your fitness regime? We’re pleased to say that your concerns are unfounded. Among other things, these multipurpose miracles can even be converted into fully-functional gyms. Alternatively, a run surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature will guarantee enrichment in both body and soul
  • Unwind: Can relaxing be classed as a pastime? If that was the motivation for your holiday then absolutely! Whether you’re swaying in a hammock with your new page-turner, or chilling in the hot tub with friends, you won’t be short of ways to switch off.
  • Indulge: The vast potential of interlocking crates means that restaurants and bars can be a central feature of shipping container stays in the UK. So, if you want to let your hair down and party until the wee hours, it’s not as off-the-table as you might first think. 
  • Create: If the rat race has dulled your enthusiasm to work on that new piece of art, this is the time to get back on track. There’s nothing like the serenity of the great outdoors to put you back in the creative mindset. Who knows what paintings, poems, or plays could work their way onto the page or screen during your time in modular build houses. 
  • Reconnect: It’s so easy to get swept along by the frantic rush of the average day. Sometimes this leads to us burning out and having less true quality time with family than we’d like to admit. However, when you take a break from the humdrum, the minimalist lifestyle provides a great opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and take pleasure in the simple, important, things.
  • Play: Shipping container stays in the UK leave a huge amount of scope for fun. This could range from playing board games with family to more ambitious outdoor pursuits such as archery and falconry. If it floats your boat, the option is almost always there — and depending on where it is you’re staying, a float in a boat wouldn’t be out of the question either.

Bask in a Beautiful Natural Landscape

While the houses themselves are a big part of the appeal, perhaps an even bigger draw is the landscapes in which they reside. The off-grid lifestyle centres around the belief that the relentless pace and excess of modern living has reached such a point that, as a collective, we’ve lost something valuable along the way. This has helped to foster an ethos that rejects the anxieties and alienation of urban dwelling in favour of a better life of rest, relaxation, and reconnection with nature. Finding the right plot of land is a big part of the allure.

All of this means that off-gridders are compelled to abandon the city and head towards more remote areas of outstanding natural beauty. In some cases, the allure of a secluded woodland idyll is the preferred choice, with adventurers enjoying a stripped back haven of trees, streams, natural wildlife, and tranquillity. For more committed travellers, there’s even the option to gather resources, reduce waste, conserve water, and venture deep into the heart of the great British landscape. 

Meanwhile, other staycationers find greater appeal in the wide open spaces and breathtaking panoramas of the coast. One of the many benefits of living on an island is that we’re not short of sweeping coastlines. If the gentle lapping of waves and wheeling of seabirds are closer to your idea of a great shipping container stay in the UK, then you won’t be short of options.

Accept the Challenges

As we’ve briefly touched upon, there are levels to a life off grid. First up, there are the curious types who are new to the lifestyle and want to see if it suits them on a shorter break. At the other end of the staycation spectrum are the people who thrive on a challenge and have been fully consumed by the desire to live differently for the rest of their days. It takes a certain kind of person to go completely sustainable but, if you enjoy a challenge, it could be the ideal way to test your mettle.

Has the desire to get away from it all become a regular itch that you just have to scratch? A week in one of the more isolated modular build houses will tell you if you’re cut out for more. If you don’t want to wait that long for the answers, just ask yourself, are you:

  • A nature lover who is guided by an irrepressible desire to be eco-conscious?
  • Inherently self-sufficient and independent?
  • The kind of person who seeks out adventure?
  • Disillusioned with the daily grind and short-term fixes?

If these prompts accurately describe you, it’s time to sample shipping container stays in the UK. It could be the portal to a new, happier, more fulfilled version of you.

Broaden Your Horizons With Live Off Grid

Since inception, Live Off Grid’s entire ethos has been formed around a simple premise. We’ve all become so accustomed to the hectic reality of city dwelling that the alternatives have slipped to the wayside. This nagging sense that something better must be possible snowballed from a vague feeling of dissatisfaction into our place at the forefront of a wave of like-minded individuals who now know what ‘better’ actually looks like.

Live Off Grid passionately believes that the key to a happier existence lies in the potential of the off-grid lifestyle. We’re proud advocates of the virtues of a return to nature, and believe that sustainable living is the key to a more mindful and contented future. These values underpin our work and have informed our designs from day one.

Whether you’re looking for an expansive shipping container for the family or a tiny house that acts as a solo retreat, we can help. We provide high quality units that are highly versatile, with common uses ranging from stylish swimming pools, to bustling bars, outstanding offices and functional farm buildings. In short, there’s everything you need for short-term living, staying for the long-term, or investing.
Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help to fulfil your burning desire to begin again.

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